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Is the Value Premium Pining for the Fjords?

There’s no magic formula for investing. The financial markets seem to take some sort of cosmic joy in bringing people back down to Earth. And it’s value investing’s turn – in fact, it’s been value investing’s turn for a while now. To put it mildly, this has been a rough decade and a half for value stocks.

Changing Risks in Retirement

It is important to understand from the very outset how changing risks are primarily what separate retirement income planning from traditional wealth management. Retirees have less capacity for risk, as they become more vulnerable to a reduced standard of living when risks manifest. Those entering retirement are crossing the threshold into an entirely foreign way […]

A Safer Approach To Retirement Income Planning

The relationship between stock market valuations and sustainable spending rates has great implications for retirement planning when we consider how the pre-retirement savings phase and the post-retirement withdrawal phase can be linked through the stock market valuation level at retirement.

Getting on Track for Retirement

Those already late in their careers who are thinking seriously about retiring in the coming years may have been interested in the “safe savings rate” concept, but be left wondering how to apply it to their own personal situations. This new paper provides the answer about how to do this.