Tax Planning

Harvesting Gains and Losses (No Prior Farming Experience Needed)

You may have zero interest in agriculture, but trust me when I say that anyone with a taxable investment account should be thinking about harvesting – gain/loss harvesting, that is. You can safely ignore gains/losses in tax-qualified retirement accounts – like your IRA and 401k. Those accounts are only taxed based on withdrawals, not on…

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Charitable Planning – Leveraging Those Gains

There are few things more rewarding than giving of your resources in a way that has a positive and profound impact on the lives of others. Fortunately, the IRS encourages this type of generosity by classifying donations to qualified charities as tax-deductible. As a result, it’s possible to “do good, while doing well.” But what…

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Should You Add Real Estate to Your Portfolio?

We talk a lot about stocks and bonds, two of the largest asset classes in the capital markets. But we don’t spend a lot of time on hard assets like commodities or real estate. You don’t necessarily want every asset class in your portfolio, but some real estate investments make sense in a well-diversified global…

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