Weekly Review

For Couples, Not Talking About Money Can Be Costly

I was stunned to read the first paragraph of this article. “Do you know how much money your spouse makes? …According to a biannual retirement survey of over 1,000 couples by Fidelity Investments, it’s a question 43% of couples can’t answer—up from 27% in 2013.” Other interesting data points: “Although 72% of couples say they communicate…

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Bucket of Cold Water Dumped on this Investing Strategy

Poor Greece. Not even the Greek alphabet has been given safe quarter these past weeks. Perhaps it is the ever increasing popularity of ETF strategies and the continuing underwhelming performance of active managers, but one thing is clear if you are trying to sell an investment product: it is best to couch it as an…

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Can Indexing Become Too Big?

This is an issue that comes up as a last ditch effort to attempt to sway the active/passive argument in the active direction. It’s as if after a wave of articles that show the shortcomings of trying to outguess the markets an editor stands up and announces to the staff: “Folks, we need something ominous…

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