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A few articles related to my research have been released in the past few days:

1. A new research article of my own is in the January 2012 Journal of Financial Planning.  It is “Capital Market Expectations, Asset Allocation, and Safe Withdrawal Rates.” This article doesn’t necessarily contain any earth shattering new relevations. But I think that it potentially offers a worthwhile contribution by outlining a framework to get a safe withdrawal rate based on any sorts of asset classes and return assumptions. One no longer needs to be limited by the assumptions used in previous studies.

2. In the same January 2012 Journal of Financial Planning, Harold Evensky reviews retirement planning research from 2011 issues of the JFP. His article is “Retirement Income Research Proved Fruitful in 2011.” As he is truly one of the most important thinkers in the financial planning world, I’m relieved and honored that he had a positive assessment of my research.

3. Dan Moisand, another leader in the financial planning field, has written an article for Financial Advisor about getting on track for retirement. His article is, “Why Advisors, Clients Must Battle To Keep Retirement Savings On Track.”

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