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Alex Murguia Ph.D.

CEO of Retirement Researcher

So, who am I?

Hi, I’m Alex and welcome to our site. I know you will find it valuable, but first – I’m sure you want to know, who am I to be running this?

That’s a great question so here goes…. I graduated from George Washington University with a doctorate in Psychology. I was a successful student, as I received a research grant as a fellow for the National Institutes of Health. It is here where I learned the foundation of what a scientist-practitioner was all about.

Upon graduating though, my research interests evolved to investments, and I sought a formal career in the financial industry. Staying true to my scientist-practitioner mindset, I joined McLean Asset Management and was able to publish a number of articles, and one went on to win a fancy award too! I also, founded a financial planning software company with Wade to better serve the industry and our underlying clients.

And now, Wade and I have decided to focus our efforts on the RISA™. We are extremely excited about its potential to impact your lives for the better.

What else?

I’m as of this writing 47 years-old. I live with my wife, Kristi. We have three boys, a wild bunny running around in our backyard, and a dog named Mandy.

Now here is the “just the facts version” for those of you that want to get right to it.

Alex Murguia, Ph.D. is the CEO of Retirement Researcher and Managing Director of McLean Asset Management. He has written in numerous industry journals such as the Journal of Financial Planning and has been recognized nationally for his work. He has also been interviewed and quoted for his thoughts about retirement, financial technology and wealth management in various industry and widely distributed publications such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and is a frequent speaker at various industry conference. He has also founded a financial planning software used across the industry.

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