Core Resources on Retirement Planning

Retirement Income Redesigned book cover

Retirement Income Redesigned

By Harold Evensky, Deena B. Katz, and Walter Updegrave

is the textbook for retirement income. Edited by Harold Evensky and Deena Katz, this book brings together key figures in the field of retirement income to summarize their area of expertise in an authorative manner.

Risk Less and Prosper book cover

Risk Less and Prosper

By Zvi Bodie & Rachelle Taqqu

Somewhere along the way, something has gone very wrong with the way individuals save and invest. Too often, households are drawn in by promotional suggestions masquerading as impartial investment advice. Consumers get saddled with more risk than they realize. Authors Zvi Bodie and Rachelle Taqqu understand the dilemma that today’s investors face, and with Risk Less and Prosper they will help you find your financial footing.

Someday Rich book cover

Someday Rich

By Timothy Noonan

To truly be successful, today’s financial advisor must strike the right balance between effectively engaging with his or her clients and finding meaningful ways to maintain their financial security. By framing your mission in this way, you can help your clients clarify their vision, build a plan to achieve it, and manage that plan so they stay on track.