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People are finding it more and more difficult to figure out how to plan for retirement – how to save while working and how to convert their savings into sustainable income for the rest of their lives. To be sure, making the right decisions is an exceedingly complicated task, but it is not impossible.

Retirement Researcher exists to help guide you along the path to a successful and sustainable retirement by providing modern, sound academic research, in the manner that helps you learn best.

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Our objectives are to generate high quality and practical research about retirement and personal financial planning, and to help promote broader education to the public about the importance of developing sustainable retirement income strategies. We hope to build this website into a community, and a leading source of objective and useful information about retirement planning for do-it-yourself retirees.

If you have questions that you feel we haven’t answered on this site, please send it them to and we will do our best to answer it as quickly and clearly as we can.

While many advisors approach retirement income questions with pre-determined answers, our research focuses on a wide range of possibilities based on the unique needs of individual households. The best approach to building a retirement income strategy involves remaining open to all the possibilities and how they can meet your specific objectives and constraints.

Retirement Researcher does not provide individual advisory services, but our sister firm, McLean Asset Management, does. If you’re interested in establishing a comprehensive retirement income plan with the help of an experienced advisor, schedule a meeting with a McLean Asset Management advisor here.

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