Market Review

Are Stocks Safer in the Long-Term?

When you’re investing, you need to focus on the long-term. This is one of those pieces of received wisdom that everyone has heard, but it’s often wildly misinterpreted. There’s an idea that stocks get safer the longer you hold onto them because you can ride out the bad periods if you are disciplined enough – it’s just a matter of sticking around until the market rewards you for being a “good investor.” To put it simply, this is not the case.

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How Does the Market in 2018 Stack Up Historically

There’s been a lot of ‘sturm und drang’ around what the markets have been doing lately. The financial media has been talking about how this is the sign of the inevitable end of the world.   Of course, we’ve had a few things lately that were also supposed to be signs the world crashing down on our ears. But, well, the world is…

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Black Monday Is Not a Black Swan

Last Monday, the S&P 500 dropped by more than 3.5%. This is a big drop, and has a lot of folks wondering if they should be invested in the market at all. It’s easy to get wrapped up in media coverage, and not keep last Monday in perspective. It was a bad day, but historically,…

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