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Financial Support of Adult Children and Your Retirement

Much has been written about how the current generation of young people are transitioning to full adulthood. Some take a very negative view characterizing the transition as “slow” while others take a sympathetic view, reasoning that that the transition is more difficult to make than it was for prior generations given that the cost of […]

Do Stocks Get Safer The Longer You Own Them?

There are a lot of cliches in retirement planning. And a lot of them are cliches for a good reason – they’re good advice. But not always, and more than a few of them are right for the wrong reasons. 

One of those cliches is that with investing you need to focus on the long term to reduce the risks from investing. It is absolutely true that investing is a long-term activity, but is that second part true? Do stocks (and other types of investments) get safer the longer you hold onto them?

How to Generate Inflation Adjusted Income in Retirement

Inflation is a fact of life. It’s also not so great for retirees. In fact, it’s one of the biggest risks that retirees face. By constantly eating away at the value of our savings and income, inflation will slowly reduce our purchasing power in retirement – if we don’t do anything about it.

You Can’t Time the Markets

The appeal of market timing is obvious. Who wouldn’t want to get in and out of the market at the best time every time? We’ve talked a lot about market timing in the past – timing risk premiums, trying to time the markets on a daily basis, and the importance of staying disciplined even when it seems obvious the markets are going to go down.

Are Republicans or Democrats Better for the Stock Market?

Every four years we talk about how this year’s Presidential election is the most important ever. Along the way, people make a whole host of sweeping statements about how picking their team will lead to all of the good things happening, but picking the other team will lead to all of the bad things happening […]

How Buffer Assets Might Be Able to Help Your Retirement 

Investing involves risk. When you put your money to work in the financial markets there’s always a chance, over every time period, that you could lose money. Most of the time, especially over longer time frames, the market goes up. But they don’t have to. The risk is always there – and that risk is […]

How Are You Different From the Average Investor?

People are a lot like snowflakes. If you don’t look all that closely, we’re all roughly similar. But the closer you start looking, the more different we are. We all have our own unique situations and experiences, and these drive who we are. This also describes who we are as investors. We can make big, […]

Occam’s – Understanding Inflation

WHAT IS OCCAM’S RAZOR?Occam’s Razor is a principle attributed to William Occam, a 14th century philosopher. He stressed that explanations must not be multiplied beyond what is necessary. Thus, Occam’s Razor is a term used to “shave off” or dismiss superfluous explanations for a given event. This concept is largely ignored within the investment management landscape. This newsletter will […]

When Does a Separately Managed Account Make Sense?

Mass customization is the dream for most industries, and the financial services industry is no different. Everyone’s investing goals are different, so it makes sense that we would want to be able to specifically design the funds that we use to reach our goals. The plethora of mutual funds and ETFs out there give us […]

Occam’s – Your Plan is Wrong (And That’s OK)

Planning for retirement is vitally important. And with something this important, many of us want a sense of control. We want to know that our retirement income plan covers all the bases, and that it will smoothly take us through to a successful retirement. But, for most of us, that’s not how it’s going to play out.