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Potential Directions for Social Security

A common argument for claiming Social Security early is that the program is about to be dramatically overhauled, but it seems rather unlikely that any impending reforms would leave near retirees with significant reductions to benefits.

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Tax Considerations When Delaying Social Security

Delaying Social Security can potentially contribute to an overall tax strategy for retirement. Every case is different, but generally speaking, when you add taxes to the mix, the case for delaying Social Security becomes even stronger than usual.

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How Time Horizon and Discount Rate Affect Social Security

One way to view the decision to delay Social Security as an “investment” is by using a present value calculation to identify which strategy can provide the most lifetime Social Security benefits and which strategy creates the lowest funding needs for your investment portfolio. This calculation requires deciding on a time horizon and a discount rate.

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Calculating Social Security Retirement Benefits

I will discuss the philosophy of claiming strategies later, but first, it is meaningful to first consider how retirement benefits are calculated.

The Social Security Administration has now followed the same approach for calculating benefits since 1979.

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