Retirement Income Funding

Charitable Planning – Leveraging Those Gains

There are few things more rewarding than giving of your resources in a way that has a positive and profound impact on the lives of others. Fortunately, the IRS encourages this type of generosity by classifying donations to qualified charities as tax-deductible. As a result, it’s possible to “do good, while doing well.” But what…

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What Does Your Funded Ratio Score Mean?

We are really fond of the Funded Ratio because it allows us to provide a numerical picture of your retirement income plan. In our retirement income optimization process, you can create a framework by providing your preferences for your financial objectives and the subsequent ways you want to fund them with essential and discretionary expenses.…

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What is Risk?

Risk is one of those complicated concepts that you can’t really pin down to one definition, but it’s the single most important factor for investors.

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